About us

Audiovisiva is the first digital platform which brings together and makes available through streaming the best documentaries about the key figures in Italian culture.

The heart of our research are the histories of designers, architects, artists, composers, directors, writers, musicians, fashion stylists, and photographers.

The curated digital library contains more than 300 documentaries: an unpublished map to go in-depth into Italian culture through its main figures and explore their unexpected connections. For each protagonist we present a selection of films, also counsultable by category.

Our challenge is to make gradually more accessible all the documentaries – above all those which are not at this moment available online – and show them wherever in the world, at home, in classrooms, in museums.


Who we are speaking to

This platform is ‘hand made’, with care. It comes from our passion for Italian culture and our will to enlarge the enjoyment of it through the digital world also in the educational field.

For us collaboration with filmmakers, art houses, Italian and international cultural institutes, archives and foundations, represents an indispensable alliance to enhance and give value to our heritage.

  • Explorers

    The curious and enthusiasts, students, teachers and researchers can discover and meet the main figures in Italian culture, through the documentaries present in our digital library, which will gradually be made available in streaming.

  • Universities and schools

    Our digital library makes ad hoc streaming solutions available, both for showing in classrooms and for individual viewing by students.

  • Independent filmmakers and art houses

    We enhance documentaries by bringing them onto the international, and also educational, market with an innovative distribution model; we look after the management of all the processes, from the aggregation of the rights to uploading online.

  • Museums and cultural institutions

    We put our experience and research capacity of audiovisual contents to provide innovative forms of enjoyment for the visitor and for the building of exhibitive paths.

  • Archives and foundations

    Telling the story of the key players in Italian culture, at the same time we propose to give visibility to archives and foundations and to the precious heritage they conserve and promote.