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Alice Pasquini. Figlia del mondo

Martina Bonfiglio, Francesco Castellaneta

Italy, 2019


The documentary tells and analyzes, through the numerous testimonies of friends and relatives, the figure of Alice Pasquini, one of the few women active in the panorama of street art.
The beauty of abandonment, the charm that a place can have that suggests the glories of the past or the life that there was, for an artist, in particular for a Street Artist like her, it is like finding oneself in front of the canvas more valuable.
The duality of her life caused by the divorce of her parents when she was a child, has always prevented her from real family stability but also allowed her to have more affections.
The meaning of the abandoned house is then clear, one of the works she is most fond of, which brings to the outside, yes, the signs of time but also Alice's graffiti and therefore the symbol of a return from large to small, from what he represented for her as a child to what now the abandoned house represents for her as a street artist.
The gift of art is something for others, it can never be strictly personal, it is a gift for all those capable of observing.

Original Title
Alice Pasquini. Figlia del mondo
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