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Franco Fortini. Memorie per dopodomani

Lorenzo Pallini

Italy, 2020


Franco Fortini was one of the most important voices of the 20th century.

Poet, essayist, literary critic, translator and teacher, he had a great influence on the generations and movements of '68, especially among young people. An independent voice, a highly critical spirit, animated by an ethical and moral rigour with few precedents, always striving to find 'truths'. Today his name is almost forgotten, just as many of the ideals for which he fought and lived seem to have faded. The documentary traces Fortini's poetic, political and human formation, recovering from the "rubble of the past" what can still be precious for our present and useful for our future. This is not just a personal project, it is the result of a series of experiences and encounters, the fruit of many voices coming together to create a collective image of Franco Fortini.

This film was made thanks to the support of 225 crowdfunders.

Original Title
Franco Fortini. Memorie per dopodomani
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