How it works

Audiovisiva is a curated digital library in which you can navigate for free.
It’s an on-demand platform to watch documentaries that can be rented or purchased individually, no need for a subscription.

Available films

Available films are marked with one or more of the following symbols:

free films are available for free viewing

play films are available for paid viewing, rental or purchase

tocco films are available for educational streaming

If none of these symbols are present, this means the film is not yet available for streaming.


If the film is available, you will find all the digital access options just below its billboard picture, in the film's description page.

Watch for free

For free-watch films, you will find a link to Vimeo or YouTube.

Rent or buy through our store  tasto

If you prefer to watch the film by renting or buying it through our store, you will need to register and create an account.
After you create your account, you will be able to always find your saved and purchased films in your account section that can be accessed by logging.
The film will remain visible for the duration of the rental period (one week from payment) or, if purchased, will be permanently available on the film's description page and in your account section.

Rent or buy through other stores iTunes google vimeo

If you choose to view a film through renting or buying from other online stores (like iTunes, Google Play or Vimeo on Demand), the link on the film page will direct you to the chosen third-party platform. Rental or purchase through third-party platforms takes place according to the terms and conditions of each platform.
In this case, you do not need to create an account on our platform. Registration, account creation and payment will directly take place on the third-party platform without any data acquisition on our part.
If watching on a third-party platform, the film will not be visible directly from the film description page on our platform, but on the platform through which you have chosen to watch it.


Please check our Educational Streaming  section for details.


To use this function, you must register to create your account. From your digital library, you can add or remove films from your collections.
You can rename your collection and create as many as you like. Collections can be shared using the share button, which creates a link that you can copy, or via the mail button which will generate an email ready to be sent to whoever you wish.
‘My collection’ also has another important function. If you want to watch a film that is not yet available (and you don't want to inquire with us directly), just add it to your collection. This way, we will receive your requests in an absolutely anonymous form. The films that will be most in demand will be the first that we will try to acquire and publish online.


Audiovisiva's goal is to disseminate cultural documentaries with legal and worldwide access and to support the creative supply chain. Those who produce culture must be supported and encouraged so that the richness in terms of research, passion and sharing of culture is not lost and does not succumb to exclusively commercial logic. Ours is a certificate of appreciation and love for films that tell stories to make us wonder beyond what is already known, that resonate, and that will imprint in our sensory and emotional memory. The stories can be great or small, but will always be capable of inspiring us.

Appreciation is not enough to repay the producers' and artists' work, and this is the reason why we have built a system of marketing that will also help them gain visibility and support. In our opinion, this is an efficient commercial strategy that does not aim at making pure profit. Instead, we try to obtain a fair remuneration for the work of those who, through writing, shooting, editing, and producing, document, preserve and transmit our cultural history, whose value is inestimable. This is a value that Audiovisiva looks for not only in award-winning documentaries, but also in those which, despite not having had critical success or showcases at international film festivals, also represent an essential contribution to research and inclusivity of voices.
Our philosophy translated in numbers
70% of what you pay to buy or rent the film through our store is intended for the owners of the film legal rights; the remaining 30% stays with Audiovisiva, to support the cost of our work and the platform.